An animation about tyreretreading

29 - 08 - 2014
Sutainable tyre education  made easy: an Animation about tyreretreading
OBO Tyres presents an animated film about the principles of tyre retreading
Hardenberg, 11 th of August 2014:  After a long and succesfull collaboration with a most recent display at the international Tyre fair “REIFEN” in Essen Germany, OBO Tyres and artist Randy van Lingen introduce an animated film about tyre retreading.
Randy was asked by the Dutch tyre retreader  to visualize a simple explanation on the contents of tyre retreading and its multiple benefits. The film is starring  a farmer  who lets his warn tractor tyre be retreaded.
OBO Tyres’ goal with this film is to inform a wider audience in a simple way about the possibilities on warn and damaged tyres. The financial advantage and the sustainability aspect are clear so everybody understands what can be gained by this production process.
In 1990 Randy van Lingen started as a professional freelance artist/illustrator. During that period his has worked for several parties in advertisement, publishing, private persons and large organizations.
Besides his commercial activities Randy is always working on paintings and art objects. He chooses his challenges in the raw materials and dimensions which make him come to a new way of creating each time.
By his boundless imagination and his fabulous way of painting he has created a unique painting technique and distinctive style .

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